Squee, It’s time for Spelling and Maths!! Well to be honest, I’m pretty sure no Maths or Spelling app would ever illicit such a response from my kids (though if I do find one, you will be the first to know) but Squeebles apps can help with reluctance towards spelling, basic math facts, fractions, times tables and division.

Delightful characters “The Squeebles” from Squeeble Island (there is a blog if you want to find out more about their off-app antics) are there to help you with these key early primary skills. Stats are available and many of the apps can be accessed by unlimited users – making them ideal for the classroom. Here is a quick run down of what you can expect from each app:

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction $1.59 NZD

As the name suggests, kids are asked to solve addition and subtraction basic facts problems to help the Squeebles compete in the Squeeble cart rally.  The nasty Maths Monster has stolen all their cars and correct answers will win them back.  There are 4 levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to very hard.

Squeebles Fractions $2.59 NZD

Again the Squeebles are battling the Maths Monster, this time to enter a cake competition. There are 4 mini games each tackling a different fractions skill – A piece of cake (visual recognition of fractions as part of a whole), Tricky pairs (matching equal fractions with different denominators), Think Big (determining the largest fraction) and Super Sums (adding fractions together). The reward for this one is time to design your own weird and wonderful cake from a list of over 100 ingredients – you can imagine the appeal!

Squeebles Math Bingo $1.59 NZD

From cakes to ice creams, these developers really understand kids. In the Math Bingo app, the Squeebles are united in their quest to help Ruby re-stock her ice cream parlour after the Maths Monster stole her ingredients. There are 5 different game modes – multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and random. As you would expect from the title, each mode contains a 25 number bingo card and 5 in a row will earn a reward.

Times Tables and Division $1.59 NZD each

Help Wizz the Squeeble rescue his friends from the Maths Monster by solving times tables. One of the clever features of this app is the automatic saving of “tricky tables”, so that your child can re-visit the tables they found difficult. The Division app is the reverse of the times tables e.g. the question 5 x 4 = ? would be asked as 20 / 5 = ?.

Sqeebles Spelling Test $2.59 NZD

This was the first Squeebles app discovered in our house and it has definitely helped us get into the swing of regular spelling practice. This app is very adaptable, there is the opportunity to create your own spelling lists and record your own voice pronouncing the words for each individual child. The reward for completing spelling tests is a fun mini game called Squeeberang.








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