I Can Count Money NZ

Last week my very excited daughter came home from school declaring there was an upcoming fair to raise money for the senior school camp. Her excitement was accompanied by a note asking us to send a small amount of coins to school so they could pay for the items and activities on offer. I had been meaning to talk money with her more often but as we haven’t yet introduced pocket money, I was concerned she may get over excited and hand over all her money in the first purchase!

I then remembered an app I had downloaded some time ago – I can count money NZ (also available in AUD, USD, CAD, EURO and a generic currency). My favourite feature of this app is the localised currency.

There are five different modes, to build an understanding of using currency to pay for things like treats, food, toys, stationary, sporting equipment etc. Coins and notes are shifted from an available pool of money to an answer plate before tapping the cash register icon to check the answer:

Mode 1. I know how to pay
Mode 2. I can play in different ways
Mode 3. I know how much to get back
Mode 4. I can go shopping
Mode 5. I know how much is in it

There is also a calculator function where you can drop money onto the calculator for automatic addition. There are options to restrict the types of coins and notes you use. We found this useful as we were able to simplify the play to introduce coins and notes gradually.

Overall I would rate this as a very useful app for the specific purpose of gaining proficiency in using currency. More engaging than a worksheet and it provides an instructional element that keeps the play learning going!

$2.59 NZD from the App Store



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