Toca Builders

It’s here! The brilliant people at Toca Boca have released their most complex creative app yet, and it is a winner.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about my creative abilities when I started out on this app, it is after all recommended for age 5+ 😉 I should have had more faith in the crew at Toca Boca though, the simple controls are easy to get a handle of, whilst it still allows for your most creative geniuses to take flight.

Essentially the Toca Builders is a blank 3d canvas of blocks, similar in vein to Minecraft. The aim here however is building and creativity, no survival or gameplay. Creating your own Toca Builders world is facilitated by the use of six characters or builders, each with their own special talents. Meet them here (developers description):

Cooper the Ball – Cooper has the ability to paint the ground simply by rolling over it. You can switch this ability on and off by using a switch.

Blox the Hammer – Blox both has a backpack which automatically lays out blocks AND hammer hands that can be used to crush these blocks simply by walking in to them. You can switch off the block laying ability by using a switch.

Connie the Crane – Connie is a crane that can pick up blocks and place them with high precision.

Vex the Jumper – Vex is a great jumper and can also put down some blocks while hopping along. Perfect for building high walls or staircases.

Jum-Jum the Painter – Jum-Jum can paint any surface by shooting paint at it. By continuously shooting paint at the top of a pile you can paint the all the underlying blocks as well.

Stretch the Tall – Stretch can grow tall and place blocks in mid-air. If you want to build roofs, look no further.

Although I called it a “blank canvas”, opening a new world may reveal some surprise fixtures. Things we have discovered so far include a forest, some ships, and the loveable character Stikk Figga from the Toca Band app.

With the ever increasing use of 3d software in industries such as design, architecture and engineering; Toca Builders may ignite a passion your little tapper that could lead to bigger things!


Special introduction price $1.29 NZD on the App Store, not yet available on other platforms.


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