Keeping your child in one app – guided access

The iOS feature Guided access is my new friend. The thing that most annoys me about the occasional iPad access my toddler has, is the constant switching between apps and deletion of my favourites! Guided access is the answer… If you haven’t heard of it before and you have a toddler, you’ll be wondering why there isn’t a large fluorescent sticker explaining the feature on the front of every iPad and iPhone box!

In short, this feature will keep your child in the one app, requiring a pass code to exit – thereby eliminating the chance of inappropriate purchase, viewing or deletion of apps. It also works well with web pages, blocking specific areas of a screen so external links cannot be accidentally followed.

Here is how to set it up:

Tap on – settings > accessibility > guided access

In this screen you can switch the feature on and set a pass code.


Once you have completed this setup, you are ready to use guided access:

Whilst in any app, click the home button 3 times.

You can then choose to disable touch and / or tilt functions. The home button will automatically be disabled. You may also select an area of the screen to disable. As mentioned earlier, this can be used to disable the navigation bar or areas with external links on a web-based program.

Once you have made your selections, click “start”, and guided access will commence.

To exit guided access, triple click the home button again and if you have set a pass code you’ll be asked to enter it.

Simple! … you’re welcome 😉